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Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Through an integrative approach, we give you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Find out more below.

Private Life Coaching

Reprograming outdated core belief systems

Your belief system is the root of everything that you believe to be true in your life. All circumstances can be reevaluated and changed simply by reconstructing perception and belief systems.  By using our W.O.W. (walk on water) model and our Essesani Blueprints, we will help you identify your core beliefs that are causing blockages in your growth and wellness and rewrite/reprogram them. 

Remove limitations and become as free as you choose to be. Sessions via zoom or in person

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Fitness Training

Private personal training sessions

Strengthen and revitalize your body with rejuvenating physical movements. We'll merge physical strength with flexibility thus improving strength, power, flexibility, endurance, recovery, and energy levels.

Based on your personal fitness goal we'll orchestrate the perfect exercise regimen for you!

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Metaphysical Therapy Session

At Your Convenience

Awaken your spiritual senses by taking a glimpse into the realm beyond the physical and mental. By taking this deep dive, we'll further understand the laws that govern our existence. Thus giving you a broader perspective on life itself.

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More Services

Reiki Healing Session 

In Person & Distance Energy Healing

A relaxed therapeutic session that seeks to correct energy imbalances within the system. Usually resulting in mental clarity, decreased stress levels, and improved sleep and much more.

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Home Vegetable Consultation

Garden Education

For the individual seeking to have a home vegetable garden! We'll take a further look at your location, season, and conditions that will maximize the yield and abundance of your home vegetable garden.
Please feel free to contact if you are interested in a home vegetable garden.

Private Meditation Session 

Meditation Foundation

With regular practice and consistency, meditation can be a profound life enhancing exercise. This can lead one to inner peace, happiness, mental clarity and more.

These are one on one guided mediation sessions. Via zoom or in person.

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