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AmunHealing Bylaws

A Faith Based Private Healthcare Association

"The Laws of Nature are the Laws of Health" -Aquarian Gospel 23:5

Article I

Names and Offices

The name of the Association shall be AmunHealing, PHA

Artilcle II


This Association is created and organized to operate upon a reliance of faith in Nature and
Nature’s God: The Heavenly Father, The Earthly Mother, and the Natural Laws thereof and to
operate within the private domain as a Private Health Association, as a matter of private
contractual relationship between The Association and The Association members. The purposes
for which it is organized are set forth in the Articles of Association and are as follows: To provide
a resource for members to access all manners of natural health related consultation, products,
services, proprietary services, and education without outside influence of biased entities,
corporations, lobbyists, and legislators. To provide a private forum to educate, counsel, advise
and share opinions, information, processes, and procedures with other members of The
Association. To conduct any manner of business within the private domain as seen fit by the
founders or their designee.
(A) The Association is created and organized as a Faith Based Private Health Association
operating in accordance with a private contractual relationship between The Association and its
members, under the direction of The Association’s Trustees, consistent with the Articles of
(B) The Associations assets and earnings will be disposed of in accordance with the Articles of
Association, at the direction of the Trustees.
(1) For the ordinary and necessary expenses of operating, maintaining, and improving The
(2) As payment for the acquisition of property for expansion or benefit of The Association and
(3) For creating a fund to provide a source of income for the benefit of The Association or a
reasonable reserve for any ordinary or necessary purpose. The Association may collect
membership dues, fees, or contributions for the foregoing purposes. Contributions for a
specifically designated purpose shall be accepted and used for such purpose if the Trustees of
The Association find such purpose acceptable and within the purposes established under the
Articles of Association.
(4) All the properties and income of The Association are hereby permanently and exclusively
dedicated and devoted to such purposes and to that end the Trustees shall hold, invest,

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