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Nickelback, The Long Road !!INSTALL!! Full Album Zip

The debut full-length studio album by legendary Canadian Post-Grunge/Hard Rock/Pop Rock/Alternative Metal band.After releasing their debut EP, "Hesher", earlier in the year, Nickelback recorded their debut full-length album in 1996. Much of the material dates back as far as 1993, and was..

Nickelback, The Long Road Full Album Zip

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Our favourite modern (ish!) driving songs, all of which are perfect to sing along to in the car and belt it out- especially in a traffic jam with people staring at you!! Add any (or all!) of these to your perfect summer road trip playlist.

Do you think the increase of injuries this year for the patriots team was at least partially caused by the tough early season schedule? The Patriots had to play not only some of the best teams but the toughest teams mostly on the road week in, week out over the first 6 games (at Carolina, at Pittsburgh, San Diego, at Atlanta, at Denver). While not being the only cause, I think facing so many tough, physical, games early on in a season helped increase the amount of injuries. Hopefully they can get healthy for the playoffs and make another run to the Super Bowl.Marc

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