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Erica Vieira

There has been no previous prevalence study about of Sjögren's syndrome (SS) in Brazil. The aim was to evaluate the SS prevalence in a general population in Vitória, ES, Brazil. This was an epidemiological, observational, and cross-sectional study conducted on 1,205 randomized people, aged 18-65 years, who lived in Vitória. The subjects were screened for xerostomia and xerofphthalmia through home interviews. Those with sicca symptoms were asked to report to a hospital for further medical evaluation, unstimulated salivary flow, Schirmer I test, blood analysis and minor labial salivary biopsy. Sicca symptoms were found in 18% (217 subjects) of the sample. Of the 217 subjects with sicca symptoms, 127 (58%) were available for examination. In this sample, 61.7% were female and 46.8% were under medication. Sicca syndrome was confirmed in 12% by at least one examination (salivary flow or Schirmer I). Two patients (0.17%) matched four criteria according to American-European Criteria (95% CI = 0.020-0.5983).

erica vieira


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