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What is reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique  that dates back thousands of years. Similar to massage therapy, Reiki corrects energy imbalances within the body. Unlike massage therapy however, Reiki therapy does not involve physical contact between patient and practitioner. By re-establishing the normal flow of energy (ki) within the body, Reiki  lowers heart rate and blood pressure levels, induces deep sense of relaxation, improves sleep, and relieves pain.

Reiki is a spiritual healing that does not require physical touch between patient and practitioner. Instead, the practitioner simply hovers his/her hands over the patients body. By doing so, the practitioner initiates the proper flow of ki within the patient. Restoring energy imbalances proven to result in the following.

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+ Decreased blood pressure
+ Decrease heart rate
+ Pain relief 
+ Improved sleep quality

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  • Mental Clarity

  • Meditative Mind

  • Stress Relief

  • Improved Memory (in some cases)

  • Peace of mind


- Closer connection with self & the higher power
- Stronger sense of inner peace
- Spiritual clarity
- Meditative insight

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