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The Story

Kinesiology B.S. | B.Msc (Metaphysical Science) | M.Msc (Metaphysical Science) | Certified Professional Life Coach | Metaphysical Practioner Diploma from University of Sedona | Certified Anger Management Facilitator | ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certified | Reiki 1 | Reiki 2

About Amunhealing: 

Originally founded in 2015, AmunHealing (once LLC) is a faith-based private healthcare association. We operate in the private domain as a PMA (Private Membership Association), where our clients and customers are considered members and these members are considered family unto us.

With the leadership of our chief practitioner and a few choice volunteers, our goal is to bring our members to a complete state of health and wellness through wellness services, health products, comforting consultations, and life-changing teachings. 

Much our teachings and disciplines stem from those of the ancient Essenes.

AmunHealing Mission

To advance members in the direction of wholistic health & evolution of self.

About our Founder

Rev. Folajimi Oluwaseun Fadahunsi, also known by his initiatory title, "Ras Yudah 13," was born in Lagos, Nigeria to a noble and sovereign family of kings, princesses, and chiefs. His paternal uncle is a king; his paternal grandfather, a chief; and his maternal grandmother, a princess. With all of these notable influences in his life, he was set upon a righteous course of studies and transformation at an early age. Upon moving to the U.S., he was an exceptional student athlete with aspirations and expectations of becoming a medical doctor. 

But in 2013, after what can be described as none other than a divine intervention, his career path took a turn. He decided from there on to merge the western medical science of his contemporary studies with the traditional medical practices of his eastern forefathers. He now works with other nonprofits, churches, medical facilities, and personal clients, helping to "in-courage" in others the same lifestyle changes and revelations that he's received himself. 

A Word

"Greetings of genuine wellness to all who find these words. You are surely not here by mere coincidence, so I'd like to extend a full prayer of personal wellness, practical peace, and internal joy unto you in this moment.

So after four long years of living in the mountains (from 2012–2016) and partaking in deep meditations, prayers, and periods of fasting, I arose from that experience with a newly profound view on life, very similar to that of yogis who venture into mountains and caves for years on end and then return with gifts to share with others. AmunHealing was born out of that same spirit, with the intent of providing information, mental exercises, and spiritual insights that would improve the quality of life of those who embrace the teachings with open minds, open hearts, and excitement. I am a constant student of life myself, and my academic accolades above display my main areas of interests. The contact button below will help get you in touch with me if you so please. Thank you again for your time in this space. Till next time, more life." 

—Rev Ras

AmunHealing was created in 2015 to bring this livity (lifestyle) down to Earth and to all those who are seeking transformation.

Amun: In ancient Khem (Egypt), translates loosely to "God/Supreme Creator"

Emunah: Hebrew word for "Faith"

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