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Are you ready to embrace your evolution?

Faith Health & Freedom 

Our Goal

AmunHealing is a faith based Private Healthcare Association, dedicated to helping our members (clients) find the healing God Force within themselves. We provide holistic healthcare services, as well as community outreach programs to help reach these goals.

We believe that each person has the power of healing and salvation from suffering within them. Our goal is to bring you closer to that power.

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Our Reason

Individual & Planetary Wellness

We understand that our world is shifting, evolving, and moving into some uncharted territories. This can be either an exciting time full of love, health, from, and peace or a tumultuous time full of fear, disease, and bondage. We believe that it's up to the individual to decide which aspects of reality they want to focus on. We believe that your reality is a result of your belief systems and actions. By aiding People reach healthy belief systems and lifestyle habits we aim to shift our paradigm into one of peace, wellness, and internal happiness. We encourage each individual to take strive for disciplines and to share healthy habits with their communities and their environment around them.



Gardening is one of our main methods of outreach. We see that a beautiful and thriving garden expresses our three main pillars of faith, health, and freedom.

Home Gardening

Home Garden

School Garden

School Garden

Community Garden

Church Garden

We believe that each household should have to some degree, a garden. Whether that be an elaborate botanical set up or a humble pots on a patio, there's nothing like vibrant healthy plant life to reiterate the concept of Natural Healthcare. A healthy source of food for you and your family.

Contact us and lets discuss your ideal garden setup

We would absolutly love to service all level grade schools in the installation of vegetable gardening. We see that a garden serves also as an extended classroom. A classroom that draws in life and recycling positive energy. A space that will benefit and inspire not just the students but the teachers and and parents who visit as well. 

Contact us if your interested in a functional veggie garden at your school

Being a faith based association, we find great joy in serving our local churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious houses. We find that the garden reveals to us many religious principles and teachings. What better way to see these teachings manifest than on your own grounds for all members to benefit and learn from.

Contact us for your Faith Garden


Upcoming Events Schedule

March 2023

2 Day Camping Trip

March 24th - March 26th

Join us for a 2 night camping trip to High Shoals - North Georgian Mountains. Here we will enjoy communing with the natural elements, building upon community, and working together toward reaching common goals.

Binghi Gardens Community Day

April 1st - 4:00pm -6:00pm

Come join us at the Rastafari House in the historical West End for a day of gardening. We'll be turning over soil, transplanting vegetables & fruit trees, laying down woodchips, and relaxing! Feel free to contact for directions. See you there.

AmunHealing Gardens

April 7th 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Join us at our Homebase Garden in Tucker Georgia where we have a plot at the local community garden. Here we will be doing a garden tour, weeding, and transplanting. This will be a workshop experience and educational experience too, so feel free to bring a note pad. After some light work in the garden we will take a nature hike up to the waterfall. So bring your hiking shoes! More life.

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Our Health Services

"The Laws of Nature are the Laws of Health"

Wisdom within the Laws of nature is the essence of our services.

"One may heal with goodness, one may heal with justice, one may heal with herbs, one may heal with the wise word. Amongst all the remedies, this one is the healing one that heals with the wis word.

This one it is that will best drive away sickness from the bodies if the faithful. For wisdom is the best healing of all remedies.

"To follow the holly law is the crown of wisdom. Making peace and perfect health to flourish."

Group Workout

Power Services

Sharing the Wellness

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Prayer Line

Could you or someone you love use some intensive prayer and thought? Please feel free to contact below with information that will better guide assist our prayer team in their efforts

You will receive a confirmation phone call or email confirming that your request has been initiated. God bless 

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


Reiki is an ancient energy healing modality which can be performed in person or over a distance and time. Please contact below and we'll glady setup your first session.

Prayer Group

Group Fitness Training

Are you looking for a group fitness class for your church, community center neighborhood, workplace, or friend group? Contact below to set up a free consultation and orientation.



Free Will Donations

Your donations are like fresh rains in our wellness gardens, you will be giving an energetic exchange that will continue to grow and nourish those in the communities we seek to nourish.
These donations will help our wellness services, community gardens, mountain wilderness retreats/camping trips, wellness kitchen, and overall day to day operations.
From the heart of a genuine giver dwells a magnitudeness potential for further blessings.